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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

October Update

It’s been a while since I updated my blogger so my apologies here.

I hit the ACD event in Wisconsin at the end of September, which was a blast. Then got to see Serenity! Wow, what a movie. That was well worth seeing and the hook. What a hook. It grabbed me and wouldn’t let me look away. It’s one for the collection when it comes out on DVD.

Family Heirloom went on sale at last Friday. If you want to take a look at my work and don’t want to buy a longer book then this is the one for you. A short, dark romance, science fiction story. With a very twisted little storyline.

This month also sees me with two stories at and a poem at , so it’s one hell of a month for me.

On top of that Eternal Slave is due to go on sale for Halloween with eXtasybooks.

Want more good news. Coffee Time Romance gave Focused on Love a 4 cup review!
“The beautiful and natural scenery of a forest is a fabulous backdrop for this romance. Ms. Pray paints a wonderful vision as she brings two people who are from different cultures and careers together. She mixes in a deadly plot and enough twists to keep you riveted. With final touches of erotic sex scenes that could start a forest fire, you have a fantastic story you do not want to put down.”

For the rest of the review go check out

And I’m away from about the 19th until the 24th or 25th of the month. This time the Alliance open house in Fort Wayne Indiana. It’s a busy month indeed!


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