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Monday, June 06, 2005

It’s been way too long since I kept my blogger updated and in that time so much has happened that I barely know where to begin.
I now have three books out in print, Whispered Secrets, Sweet Deceptions and The Dragon Prince. Dragon Prince has been picked up by Final Sword Productions and is due to be re-released in August I believe along with Fae Born and the World Book for the Erien game.

On top of that I have 4 ebooks out with eXtasybooks where my name is now listed along with authors I have grown to admire. People like Morgan Hawke, Brenna Lyons, Master Nage, those who have been writing for so much longer than I have. Though I know I have a lot yet to learn about writing the very fact my books have been accepted by extasy when they have writers of that caliber already is a thrill for me. To make matters even better I have five more books waiting to come out with extasy later this year or early next.

So what am I doing now?

Finishing off a manuscript for publication, getting ready for a convention in Bloomington MN called CONvergence and trying to keep up with the work, my family and the kids. On top of all of that my husband and I now also run an RPG chat site called never breakdown is booked for….

It is time, however, that I started keeping this blogger up to date at least once a week. If for no other reason that to try and keep a track on my own sanity lol.

Almost forgot. JustusRoux accepted a short story for her site, which I believe is going up next month and waxromantic accepted one for their ezine. I do have plans to write some more shorts in the coming month in between putting the final touches to the world book for Erien.

Its all good fun…


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