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Monday, June 06, 2005

One thing I had meant to mention yesterday and forgot to were the reviews my work has been receiving. I have been fortunate with the reviewers so far. Both and JERR have given Whispered Secrets a wonderful review. Coffee Time Romance has reviewed several of mine including both Whispered Secrets and Sweet Deceptions.

I can only hope that my fortune with the reviews continue.

I have one nugget length currently waiting for a yes or no from an editor, which is a story I truly hope will find a home. “Play for Me” is a sensual bdsm romance with a very different outlook. I should hear back about that soon, perhaps another week or so, I know the editor I sent it to has been very busy indeed.

There have been highs and lows over the last month, one of the lows a little over a month ago now I believe, was the death of Emy Neso. He was an active author for eXtasy, a talented man with a wonderful sense of humor and his death was a loss to the world. His books are still on sale and several are still due to be released. He will go on the hearts and minds of many for years to come.

I have been very lucky over the last year with the people I have met, those wonderful giving people so willing to help teach me what I need to know. Perhaps ,in time, I will be counted as one of those people who can aid others in their writing career.


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