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Monday, August 09, 2010

For My Ex

This post goes out to a specific person, better known as my ex. As he appears to be under the impression that the Hague Convention, signed in 1980, doesn't apply to him. Now why am I using this form of communication - simply because he let it slip today that he still reads my blogger.

Now, before I continue, please note - I am not accusing my ex of kidnapping/breaking the law. I don't know if he's ever removed our son from the country prior to this time. So, dear ex, kindly stop trying to read between the lines here. You've no idea what goes through my mind, and frankly never did have the ability to grasp that.Just as I don't claim to understand you.

A Residency order does not over-rule the Hague Convention unless the other parent has been stripped of their parental rights - which I never was. Even then there has to be specific wording in the order that covers this. A residency order ONLY covers where a child/minor lives.

Said residency order, btw...ran out on December 13th 2009.

The Hague Convention covers vacations even when the parent who has a residency order removes the child from his/her country of birth. Both parents MUST consent to the removal of the child up until his age of majority.

Information can be found on the Hague Convention website, and is backed up on various UK government sites - enjoy reading through them- they do us some interesting language, and I recommend having a good migraine medication to hand, as well as a dictionary - legal preferably- before you start to work your way through them.

Now, before there are accusations that this breaks the 'no negative comments agreement' - let me point out that said agreement has also ceased to exist, and as I live in the USA said agreement was never enforceable due to a little thing called the First Amendment - and NO COURT ORDER was ever issued to 'silence' me.

Second, I've made no direct negative comments about you, but merely used this post as a means of, hopefully, educating you.

Enjoy your light reading, dear ex. I know I've certainly enjoyed the years of research and keeping up to date on the convention and how it applies.

Of course, there's always a chance that you wish to ask me if this is an attack on you. So, in response to that unvoiced question I'll answer with this.

You might think so, but I couldn't possibly comment.


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