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Monday, June 06, 2005

I stumbled across a new review for Whispered Secrets from Cupid's Library Reviews. They gave the book a 4 for pleasure factor and a 4 for plot, which is a very high rating from this review group.

Just a snippet from the review as I do not want to post the full thing without their consent.

"Ms. Pray has written a realistic and believable story with a heroine, that many women can identify with.

Kate is the typical modern woman who wants both, a professional career and a family. But that doesn't seem to be possible, so she focuses on her job. Frank is too good to be true - an old fashioned family man who accepts that a woman has the same right as men to pursue professional success and enjoy sex without commitment.

This was a romantic yet very thoughtful book with the right amount of sensual sex scenes that I enjoyed reading a lot.

Birka, Cupid's Library Reviews"


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