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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Epic Dice and Epic Points

Sam decided to cooperate this time, so instead of having to be tracked and trapped he settled down to answer questions. Terri: The game system is called D6 Epic, and I know this covers Epic Dice and Epic Points, but what exactly are these? Sam: Epic Die allows characters to be heroic. If you roll a 6 with Epic Dice that adds a 1 to every dice rolled. So if you roll six die you would add a plus 6 to the total. This allows characters to do more than they would normally be able to do. Epic points are points you get at the beginning but then you can also earn more by good roleplaying. You can spend your Epic points to roll another Epic dice. You can spend before you roll so you're rolling two Epic Die in your regular roll OR you can spend it after you roll to try to earn a boost. And the GM, if they're feeling generous, can allow you to spend one before and after. Terri: What do you mean by good roleplaying? Sam: Instead of just saying "I swing my sword at the monster" the player can describe exactly what they're doing such as... I shift the weight onto the balls of my feet, the grip on my sword loosening slightly as I eye up the distance between myself and my enemy. As I see his jaw set and gaze narrow I step to the left, bringing my weight behind the blow as I aim the sword for his right thigh, meaning to disable so I might question him later. This type of roleplay not only helps build the scene but adds onto the story. The better the storyteller, the better chance there is of earning more Epic Points and Progression Points at the end. This also applies to failure, which we'll cover tomorrow. Terri: And this level of storytelling would also apply to all scenes, not just combat. So if you manage to sweet talk your way out of having a jug of ale smashed down on your head by a jealous/jilted bar-tender/bar-maid, then you'd likely earn an Epic Point or bonus progression point, or both. Sam: Yes, this is a reward system for those who want to roleplay and it isn't given to those who do just want to kill the beast and get the loot. And as Sam says, we'll be discussing how this also applies to Failure - or Epic Failure - tomorrow.


Blogger Charlie Warren said...

This sounds like an interesting game system and I look forward to hearing more about it!

10:26 AM  
Blogger Terri Pray said...

We'll be exploring failure tonight. Hope you stop by to see what's posted.

2:42 PM  

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