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Friday, April 06, 2012


Normally in an RPG a failure means one of two things.
Either you've messed up a little, or messed up so badly there's no digging yourself out of this one. But there's another aspect to failure in the D6 Epic system and I managed to ask both Sam Pray and Matthew Ewertz about this aspect.
Terri: When you roll a failure in an RPG it's normally a bad thing, you sit there, groan and pray for better dice. What's different about failing in D6 Epic?
Matt: In D6 Epic you can screw up spectacularly, such as making a jump roll, failing and bouncing down a nasty cliff. However if you describe said bouncing, complete with contusions and such, you might not only survive it but gain an Epic Point for such a good description.
Sam: If you do something that should get you killed, you can try to persuade the GM to give you a second try at surviving, depending on how well you describe the incident. Adding a bit of humor in there won't hurt your chances either.
Matt: But that also depends on the GM. Think the old favorite cartoon scene where you bounce down the cliff and land with a tree branch directly between your legs, and describe it so well that every guy around the table is cringing, odds are the GM is going to give you the extra points.
Sam: You can exceed the difficulty number of a task and still fail completing it by rolling a 1 with your Epic dice.
Terri: So it all boils down to how well you tell the story.
Matt: Yes, as we're looking at the storytelling aspect to drive the game.
Sam: One of the differences, that should be noted here, is that in most games if you fail the GM states what happens to your character. In D^ Epic, you say what happens.
Terri: But isn't that open to abuse by the players?
Matt: Yes and no. It comes down to if you make it believable and you're continuing to drive the story forward, meeting your goals, then it's not abusing the option.
Sam: And the GM has to be strong and know the difference between using the option and taking advantage. You can't, for instance, hit that cliff fall without getting a single scratch.
With that they decided they needed time to relax and watch Immortals - for research honest...


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