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Saturday, April 07, 2012


As Sam wasn't very well last night I decided to give him a break from interviews until Monday. But that also gives me a chance to discuss the games we're currently working on. First, the two licensed settings. We're slowly working with Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon to create a game using the Valdemar setting. This is slow going because of time constraints. Because we want to do this right, we're not rushing ahead just throwing things on paper, but waiting for feedback when Misty and Larry are able to do provide such. If you're not familiar with the setting the first trilogy published was the Arrows of the Queen, following the journey of Talia from life as a type of farm girl called Holderkin. A life where, as a female, she had very little say in what she would do, right down to having no choice in who she marries. When she's chosen by Rolan, a companion, her life is turned upside down and she becomes a Herald, one of a group of very special men and women in the Kingdom.

The second licensed setting is Emberverse (and we also have the Islands in the Sea of Time) from S.M. Stirling. We're working closely with Mr. Stirling, and Kier Salmon who has become our go to lady for information, in creating the first of many game books in this setting. The first of the Emberverse series is Dies the Fire. We're also looking forward to meeting Mr. Stirling, and Kier, in person when they attend Core Con 2012 in Moorhead MN (just across the river from Fargo).

Then there are the non licensed games, using settings we've created ourselves. One of the lines we're putting together for these is called Number of the Beast - called such because the price point for the printed games will be $6.66. It's also a humor filled 'jab' at those who claimed that RPG's were 'evil'. The games produced for this line are quick, one or two session games, ideal for those who need to take a break from long running campaigns.

And the first game in that setting is 'Mission Little Rock', we don't have a release date for the game as yet but it truly does set the tone for the fast, fun, and not to be taken seriously games that we're producing for the line.

For longer games, we're looking at Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternative History, Steam Punk, Historical and anything else that takes our fancy. There's even one our daughter (all of almost 12) is helping us with, as the basic idea was hers.

We'll keep you up to date about forthcoming games and release dates, just as we'll also have more information on the message board as things progress.


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