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Monday, April 16, 2012

N = New Players

One of the reasons Sam decided to work on D6 Epic was to encourage new players, and returning players, into the world of table top RPG's.

Terri: Sam, what do you think makes D6 Epic easier for new players to enjoy?

Sam: Because the focus is on roleplay rather than the rules; good roleplay trumps the rules. New players do not need a gaming background in order to enjoy the system, all they need is a good imagination.

Terri: Yet there is a rule book, so what is different about the rule book that helps new players?

Sam: The rule book is designed with the players section upfront, so a new player only has two or three chapters to read before they can play. You also spent a lot of time turning my game geek speak into English - with real sentences!

Terri: Admittedly a lot of the rule books I'd read through left my eyes glazed, and that was one thing I knew we had to avoid with this system.

Sam: And a good example would be that your mother, a woman who has never played an RPG in her life or had even opened one, was able to read the through the sections we'd written during her last visit here, and she was able to understand them. That's one of the key factors in this system. Making things clear and easy to play without the need for convoluted explanations. This isn't a jab at other systems, they're designed for people who have been playing most of their lives, we wanted a system that both new and old players could both enjoy.


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