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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Imagination is an obvious part of playing or creating a roleplaying game, but part of what we have to do is use that imagination to try and figure out what the players will do.

I mean any warped, twisted thing they might throw at us, or the GM.

Considering that Sam came up with a few interesting things as both a GM and a player, that has caused us a few moments of concern.

For example. In one game as a GM he came up with a trap that just teleported calcium. So when they tested the trap with a stick, and later a sword, nothing happened. But when they stuck their hand in, the bones in their hand teleported. Of course, they later stumbled over a room full of hands bones...

Then there's a story Scott has told us about a Paranoia Game, when a player arrived late to the table and asked... "Is this the Paranoia Game." To which the GM's answer was "Clone Two."

The adventure Sam ran at a con where the bad guy (this was during a cyberpunk game) was trying to bribe all the players to turn on their party (by killing them for large amounts of credits), and telling them not to talk it over with their party members. Of course, none of the party did. So at the final showdown the part turned against itself and the bad guy sat on a roof top, picking them up with a sniper rifle.

As a player he's thrown twists at GM's with a simple bag of metal ball-bearings. Which he threw, on one occasion, at a group of Minotaurs who were chasing the party.

But of course we also have to look at ways that the game could be 'broken', but we know no matter what we do we'll get emails of 'did you know if you do X and Y you can get away with this...'. At that point we'll groan, face palm and try to figure out what else we've missed...


Blogger RedHobbit said...

I had the exact same plan in a Shadowrun game actually. The badguy was going to open an encrypted channel over their commlink offering them a large sum of money to turn over the alphaware. A bonus if they killed those in their party that wouldn't go along with it.

Unfortunately the party had died before they even got close to that point. Oh Shadowrun, soooo lethal.

4:39 PM  

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