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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Optional Rules

We've mentioned optional rules before now, but Sam has agreed to explain what optional rules are (other than the obvious) and why they are a part of the D6 Epic System.

Sam: Optional Rules allow GM's to add a little more complexity to the game. Though having said that, one of the optional rules is actually an alternative die chart. This allows you to roll five die and calculate out a forty die skill.

Terri: You're getting into Geek Speak here - will we be able to put examples of these charts on the message board?

Sam: Yes, and I'll have that up this weekend on the D6 Epic Message board. The one problem with the die chart is it takes away some of the variability that rolling the multiple die provides. So, although it's faster it basically gives you an average.

Terri: Okay, so what other types of optional rules are there, or will there be?

Sam: There's one other one in the Core Rule Book, and that's a hit location chart. The basic rules don't state a location when your character is hit. Not using the chart allows a little leniency in roleplay but isn't very realistic. The chart means that when you are hit by something or you hit something you then roll where you are hit, and this also allows for the potential for extra damage. The chart makes armor more important, because if you're not wearing a helmet and get hit in the head, it's going to hurt more. Also, hits to the head cause more damage than hits to the torso.

Terri: Are you working on any other optional rules for future books?

Sam: There will be optional rules for Magic that will appear in the Magic book. Just as there will be optional rules for combat in the combat specific book. One the combat rules I'm looking at will be adding martial art styles in place of a general fighting skill. Others we'll work on as we focus on new books. We're keeping things fairly simple for the Core Rule Book.


Blogger RedHobbit said...

Optional rules are an excellent way for keeping a rules system fresh. I personally prefer ones that fundamentally change a core aspect of a game mechanic rather than an additional optional rule, but one is much easier to do than the other.

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