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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Player Characters

Player Characters, or PC's, are the characters created and played by players in a game, but we all know that. So I asked Sam what stands out, to him, about PC's in D6 Epic.

Sam: PC's aren't locked into a character class in D6 Epic.

Terri: I've less than fond memories of playing class restricted characters, such as Cleric's. But you're saying in this system that I, for instance, can play someone with healing skills, who also knows how to kick ass, and might have side line abilities in picking locks?

Sam: Yes. You have a general occupation such as retired special forces. You have a strong leaning toward combat, but you've decided that you wish to follow a pagan path that focuses on healing and herb lore. You can use your progression points to work on the skills you would like for your character, rather than being locked into the class restrictions of a class game system.
In a setting such as Valdemar this works exceptionally well because, for example, a Herald can be a fighter, thief, diplomat, or judge (in fact all of them can be called do to this at the same time). But then you have Heralds such as Skif whose background prior to being chosen is that of a thief. He doesn't lose these skills when he becomes a Herald, he expands and learns other skills. There are also Heralds who focus or have natural leanings toward record keeping, history, or teaching.
The same applies to the Emberverse setting where multiple skills are required in order to survive.

Sam's also asked me to announce that we plan to launch the Core Rule Book at Core Con, in Fargo/Moorhead, first weekend of May. There'll be a D6 Epic game, featuring Mr. S.M. Stirling and Kier Salmon, on the Saturday night of the convention. has the details.


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I'm not a gamer, but sometimes wish I'd jumped in when it first became popular. I'd be lost trying to learn today.

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