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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Black Lace!

Earlier this year I submitted a story to Black Lace for their anthology, Lust at first Bite. Well, it's been accepted.

Black Lace is one of the biggest imprints of erotica and erotic romance in the UK, and that book should be easy to find when it goes on sale in, I believe, November of this year. So whooo hooo! I'm going international!

Some changes in my blog

You'll notice that a couple of posts on my blog have been changed/edited. This isn't because my feelings have changed, or the facts have changed, but simply because it's part of an agreement made at the family meeting.

I am not permitted to discuss any 'negative' comments in this venue that would speak of the past with my ex.

However this goes both ways. If other parties fail to keep to the arrangement then the contract made (which is what the agreement is) is null and void and those posts will return to my blogger - in full, glorious detail.

I have faith that those involved will do what is best for my son. That they will abide by his wishes, dreams and hopes as he is the important one here. He has a life and a future ahead of him and I plan on supporting his choices, no matter what they are.

Terri Pray