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Monday, April 30, 2012


Ever watch Scooby-doo? We have kids so the Zoinks is something we hear a lot when they've got Scooby on in the background. Yet the word sums up how we both feel now that the end is in sight for the first of the D6 Epic releases.

First, but by no means the last.

Even as Sam's working on a last minute art piece, and I'm double checking his geek speak, he's already working on books that will follow. Including Magic, and Weapons/Fighting skills. Last time I checked he had the next twenty-one books vaguely sketched out in the back of his mind.

The good thing is there's more work.

The bad thing is - there's more work!

So, thank you for keeping up with us during the A to Z challenge, and I'll be posting updates about the games, new releases, and next weekend - Core Con! We'll be there, enjoying and working at the convention, and we'll have lots to fill you in on over the course of the weekend.


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