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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Sam agreed to discuss Willpower in regards to D6 Epic

Willpower represents a character's personal effect on others. It includes such skills as oration, acting, and grooming. A character's willpower also represents his ability to withstand mental attacks. Whether they come from situational pressures, like stress or direct assault from magic, or psychic phenomenon.

Willpower comes into play in social interactions and there are several skills under Willpower that cover negotiating with others, bluffing, flirtation and persuasion. All of these skills are used in various types of social interactions. As one of the focal points of D6 Epic is social interaction, having a high die code in Willpower will assist the character with his interactions during the game.

Willpower has one skill that is very helpful for a character; Mettle. This allows a character to resist the attempts of others to interact with him, plus the effects of fear, mental attacks, and the emotional hindrance associated with pain.


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