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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I asked Sam what he thought was unique about D6 Epic...

Sam: One of the things that's unique would be the Epic Die. In most D6 systems the wild dice (which is what our Epic Die are) can continue to be rolled as long as you get a 6 on the roll. The Epic Die isn't open ended and it adds plus 1 per dice roll. So if you roll ten Epic Die you get plus 10.

Another thing that is unique about the system is the focus on social interactions. There are systems out there that include social interactions and romance, but there's not the in-depth focus as appears in D6 Epic. This, in turn, helps build the roleplay side of the game instead of focusing on combat.

There are no rewards, in the way of experience, from simply killing things. Yes,the odds are somewhere within the quest your character will kill something. But that can also come in via social interaction - you might find yourself forced to kill the courtier who tried to poison the queen. But this isn't about hunting down the beast, killing it, and getting the loot.

Tomorrow he'll be talking about Variability - or that's the current plan!


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