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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Start Rules

Quick Start Rules are exactly that, a set of rules that are used in setting books to enable a game to take place without having to have the Core Rule Book. They are tweaked for each setting book so there are often setting specific rules included in Quick Start. I asked Sam how else he would describe such rule sets and why someone might still need the Core Rule Book if these rules are included in many a setting book.

Sam: The Quick Start Rules cover the barest of basics, they're just enough information to run an adventure or two in that setting. However, if you want any depth to your game you are going to need the Core Rulebook for that setting.

Terri: So in a setting book just how much of the book is taken up by the QSR?

Sam: We try to keep them down to 40 pages or less. They really are bare basics and nothing more.

Terri: Are these rules going to be included in specific rule books such as the Magic book you're working on?

Sam: Supplements such as the Magic Book are likely not going to include QSR as they cover optional and additional rules/information.

Terri: But setting/information books such as the PPA or Bear Killers for Emberverse would? So what's the difference there between these types of supplements and the Magic Book?

Sam: You can't run an adventure solely off the Magic book, you can off the PPA or Bear Killers.


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Hello, Terri! I don't know much about gaming but this is good to know just in case.

Have a great weekend and happy A to Z!

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