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Friday, April 27, 2012


Okay, so it's not really an X post, but we're trying!

One of the extra's in D6 Epic is the Advantages/Disadvantages set up in the game.

Terri: Sam, what exactly is the Advantages/Disadvantages thing?

Sam: Advantages are natural abilities that a character has such as being ambidextrous or having a good sense of direction. If you have Advantages however, you'll also have Disadvantages and they have to be 'real' ones that could impact the game. These could things like allergies, a tendency to drink too much when you've been rejected by the one you love, a bad knee that might hinder your skills, etc. They can't, however, be something like an allergy to Polar Bears and you've never stepped into the frozen wastes, and have no intention of ever doing so. Or being afraid of sailing, but you're in a land locked country.

Terri: So, basically, the characters cannot be perfect. But, what happens if a player tries to be sneaky and give himself an unworkable Disadvantage such as the Polar Bear thing?

Sam:It's up to the GM then, who should know the Disadvantages of the characters he's GMIng for. There are two ways he can handle this. He can make it that the Disadvantage comes into play such as moving the group to the frozen wastelands in the midst of the biggest Polar Bear migration in history, or mass break out by Polar Bears who suddenly find themselves wanting to cuddle said player. The other way is the rest of the players get to work out a Disadvantage for the player, with GM approval. They decide the character's 'fate'.

Terri: In other words play nice or the GM and the Players will get you!

Sam: There's one other eXtra I should mention. There will be a full color version of the rule book as well as a black and white. I'm just tweaking a few of the artwork pieces now! I've given Terri two of them to add to the post.


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