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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Investigating a situation

Someone posted, via my son's account, an lewd message on his facebook wall. Which meant I spent a fair amount of time today investigating the situation.

Now, until I get some information cleared from the social workers, I'm kinda tied on what I can say, and where I can say it. But I've got a good idea who is behind the nasty message because of how the message was posted. So, I've done all I can do for tonight, and I get to play follow up on this situation tomorrow.

I'm not happy with the entire thing but I'm not about to let my son be treated this way. Yes, despite the fact I'm 4000 miles away from him, and have very limited contact which is observed closely, I am still his Mum. And no one hurts my son and gets away with it.

I mean honesty, what kind of sick, warped, evil minded piece of dirt, does that to a 16 year old boy?

His facebook account is one of the few ways he has access to me, or to his maternal grandparents. It's how he's getting to know the people I work with. It's how he sees pictures of his sister and brother here in the USA. It's wrong to treat him like this, and yes...I'm angry.

I'm going to get to the bottom of this one way, or another.