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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Best Buy and Magic Carpet

I’ve been focusing mainly on getting a manuscript tidied up ready to send to Magic Carpet Books, now this would have been done over a month ago if it had not been for Best Buy. Why is that company to blame, or at least partially to blame, simply this. When my lap top was taken in for repair in March we were told it would be ready within two weeks. Two weeks passed and it hadn’t even been looked at, we then told them clearly do not touch the HD, an order we have proof of and they denied ever having been told or it ever being documented.

When I finally got my lap top back about four weeks ago, after it being missing for seven weeks, the HD had been completely wiped. Including the manuscript I had been working on for Magic Carpet books and one that was already under contract complete with a deadline.

So I have been scrabbling to get it finished. Now it will be done in time, and in all honesty I do prefer how this version of the story turned out.

Why wasn’t it backed up? It had been, however the night before my lap top lost all power Sam reformatted the HD of my back up computer loosing the manuscript and several others in the process. Most of my writing work was saved, three pieces weren’t one of them being the one I need to get to the editor by midnight on Wednesday. Now I will have it to her Tuesday as this will be finished well and truly in time by Monday night at the very latest. After that I can go onto writing other things again. Now the moral of the story is do not trust Best Buy tech support/Geek Squad. They will lie to you, change records, then state that such changes are impossible. This has been an ongoing battle with Best Buy since two weeks after the lap top was taken in and now we play the waiting game to see what will happen.

On a positive note, this will be the third book in print with Magic Carpet Books and is due to go on sale July 28th 2005


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