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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Endless Rules

One of the things I do is run a chat site called Dark Fantasy Chat. Now those who enter the chat do so in order to roleplay, to indulge in games ranging from vampire to fantasy, historical to games based on the works of John Norman. Now through the years the rules for sites such as mine have changed. Not just due to laws but the rules the players want.

The one realm that causes more work than any other is Gor and one room controller on another site is trying to bring in a rule that will actually cause even more work for site owners such as myself. Now keeping in mind that this is roleplay, fun, and yes there are rules in this realm about playing more than one character, which causes lots of work for site owners to police. So he wants to bring in a rule that stops people from bringing back shelved characters. Like we don’t have enough rules and work to deal with already?

I know some people abuse the idea of shelving characters, but the vast majority don’t. I see no point in bringing this rule in and even little point about the extra work it would involve. I simply won’t go there with it. I can’t. It’s a waste of time and resources.

Now whilst I can see where the few would abuse the situation most don’t. Most shelve for valid reasons, a few bring those shelved characters back for equally valid reasons. Now cracking down on the majority because of a few who abuse the situation is just going too far in my books.

A few sites might do it, I can’t see more than one site doing it in all honesty, and DFC will not be amongst the sites that follow this possible change in rules.

I already deal with rules about playing multiple characters in Gor. No cross gender characters, no avatars of certain types for certain characters. Add in the work from other sections and don’t you think that maybe, just maybe site admin and owners already have enough to do?

*chuckles* ah well, it’s over and done with. I’ll watch the situation, watch to see what happens and then hopefully it will become obvious the amount of extra work that will be added by a ruling such as this.

You know the strangest thing of all, the man who seems to be behind this drive for the new rule is the same one who doesn’t like moderators having to report boots, or rules for mods that are put in place to help site owners keep track of problem situations and cut down on work for us. Because he sees them as pointless perhaps?

Perhaps he just doesn’t see the connection? Not everyone does. Honestly if you haven’t run or been admin on a site there is no way of explaining the amount of work involved.

Sleep time for me.


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