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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Years ago, well six years ago when my husband and I first married he gained a new nickname from me of the Octowolf. As I mentioned it on the eXtasy blog I thought I’d best explain what that meant.

He’s gone by the nick names of Wolf and Old Wolf for longer than we’ve known each other but until we were together I didn’t realize that this breed of wolf game with eight hands. You know the type of high school octopus you date, that you’re always slapping away one hand only to find it replaced by another, well that’s my husband only he is definitely a wolf. He growls like one, howls (much to the delight of our children who join in the wolf pack howl now) and is very protective of me just as a wolf is of their mate.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with him being like this. His love, the intimacy we share, the depth in which we seem to live in each others minds is just a part of how we live. Still there are times I wonder if he has grown another hand… or two.

We all have nicknames or pet names for our loved ones, wolf, old wolf, octowolf, rogue, scoundrel, names that bring a warmth to our hearts.. what do you call your other half?


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