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Friday, September 09, 2005


I hate government paperwork. Oh I know I am not the only one who must dislike it with a passion. Every few months I have to either fill stuff in or watch Sam do the same. It’s been that way ever since I came over here and now I am about ready to scream if I see one more set of paperwork.

I have this mental image of rows of box like cubicles filled with grey suited, blank faced drones shoving paperwork from one desk to another never really looking at it. Now I know there are some real people at the various agencies but I’ll be damned if I can find any. Half the time I end up dealing with an automated phone system.

Not that filling in paperwork does any good, but we go through the motions and keep hoping. Take the court case my husband went through, for six years we filled in ream after ream of papers, they lose them a dozen times over and then we’d have to start all over again.

Oh they do love their little forms. Fill in form A*** and then see form C-**** for further instructions. And can you find out what happens when you send the forms in? Not a chance in hell half the time.

I think I’ll ease off trying to do the paperwork side of things for a while, and stick to writing.

Even dealing with Stalkers actually makes more sense than half the forms I have seen in my life.

Oh and don’t think other countries are any better there. The paperwork I saw when in the UK was amazing. The forms and checks I went through to be a registered child care provider over there were enough to sink the Titanic. Still, I got through that easily enough. The base I was living on pushed things through. Criminal background check, well you know I was living behind the wire at the time on a UK RAF base. Nice little place called R.A.F. Wyton, in Huntingdonshire. Seems such a long time ago now.

I wonder if there is a place in Hell for the people who churn out these forms? If not there should be.

Oh, update on the Stalker on DFC. Still no response from her ISP but she’s not entered the site that I have seen today which might be a sign that either she has given up or her ISP has taken action. Still it would be nice to know if that is the case.

Sarah finished her first full week at school today, and has her very first show and tell on Monday. My Mother in Law mentioned to writing group in Pelican Rapids that her granddaughter had started school, only to be given shocked looks. You see many of the writers there remember Sarah when she was little more than a babe in arms. Now she’s five years old already and it came as a shock to them.

Sam still has me resting up as I am getting a little dizzy when I stand up. He’s exhausted though so enough of this lolly gagging around, time I got up and did something other than rest. Well, okay, if I get up he’ll tell me off about pushing it too much too soon, which I can understand as he does worry a great deal.

So what am I doing?

Right now reading Patricia Potters “The Black Knave” a book that came out in 2000 from Jove I believe. It’s certainly better than the last romance I suffered through, but the spelling mistakes in the book keep catching me. There aren’t that many of them, and I know I make some dozies when it comes to typo’s but I would have expected a NY house to pick up on them before it went to print? Ah well at least this one has a mildly interesting plot line, if highly predictable.

I am slowly reading my way through the stack of second hand romance novels, hopefully I will find one or two that really grab me. Please let there be something there that grabs my attention at least until my copy of ‘On Basalisk Station’ arrives. (knowing my luck I mis-spelt the title)
Back to reading, should finish the book before I call it a night.


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