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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Minor Celeb now?

My old school is asking for a press pack

One of my old junior school teachers has asked for a press pack so she can tell her new students about me. Now obviously she’ll have to gloss over some of my work, just telling them it is romance instead of erotic romance, but it’s certainly an interesting feeling to know my old school is interested in what is going on. I can’t see them explaining about Terri Pray the erotica writer…

My Aunt Gwen wants a signed copy of Fae Born when it comes out, as she is itching to find out what happens to Rhodan and Riana, though of course Lady Orent steals the show time and again.

There have been some wonderful reactions to the photograph’s from the convention and I need to email the Stormtrooper to let him know his picture is up. I did promise to do that, which is something I can do this evening.

Sam is relaying out the two books and those should be done for Monday which means once Scott has them they can go up on Amazon. We’ve already got orders coming in and this is just the start.

Now am I expecting to become a NY Times best seller doing it this way? Of course not, it would be nice but the odds are stacked against me. However if I get a decent following and increase my sales this way then so much the better. It will take time and it’s a case of taking one small step at a time, getting settled where that step takes me before looking to make the next one. I’ve come a long way already and I’ve only been doing this two years as of October this year. So considering that I have broken records. Well not quite but it certainly feels that way.

Sarah, my daughter, starts Kindergarten on Friday which will make things a lot easier and she’s adapted to me going away very well indeed. I think bringing her small gifts back from the trips also helps. She knows I will come back and that I will have something for her. Never anything expensive, just a small item from wherever I have been. Now heading to Madison next month means I will more than likely pick something up from the city itself. Even if it’s just post cards. She likes pretty pictures.

Jack is still too young to grasp more than Mummy going away without him, though as long as he still has his Dad there it isn’t too bad. Now with Sarah starting school he might be a little more clingy about this, but I am sure things will work out as I can always phone home when away to let them know how I am. Being able to talk to the kids and Sam is a blessing, one thing I can thank cell phones for.

I need to get those press packs laid out and Sam will have to help with those as well as design the new business cards for me. Scott is going to get both printed for me, which helps a great deal. Baby steps.

Onwards and upwards.


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