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Thursday, August 18, 2005

First Day at Gen Con

Tired, but I’m having fun here which is half the battle I think. It’s an amazing convention, one I am learning a lot from. Sold some books, but today is the quietest day of the convention so I am hoping to sell a lot more in the coming three days.

Looks like I will be doing 6 books next year for Under the Moon, plus the Erien Books, plus what I do for eXtasy, plus the short stories I do, so it’s going to be a very busy year next year indeed.

I am very lucky to work with editors that have such faith in me, and company owners like Scott Palter. It’s been a whirlwind the last few months but it looks like it’s going to just keep getting busier by the month.

There are some fantastic costumes here, and it’s the slow day, so I’m bound to see a lot more tomorrow. BTW, I need to use that camera and not leave it in my bag instead lol.

I’ve got a dozen short stories going through my head, but once I get back from the convention I need to get Fae Born finished, Touch of Magic and then finish working on the world book.

Sword Sworn, Astaria is the first one that will be going to Under the Moon, needs editing and the rest of the story put into the one file, but should end up about a 90,000 word story by the time it is finished off that way. Then there are two more books I have plotted out for the line which will be fairly easy for me to do.

Four if you count the historical/dark fantasy one…

So much work and I love doing it to.


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