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Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Review for Whispered Secrets

The Romance Studio posted this new review on the 8th of August. I got the email this morning.

Four hearts and a sensuality level! Thank you Romance Studio.

"This is the story of a young modern career woman realizing that there is such a thing as compromise, for the first time in her life. To meet the man that complements her in every possible way; a man who is willing unselfishly to give up what he cares most about just to spend his life with her, opens her eyes to the fact that when ones loves, it can and should be unconditional. It was wonderful to see Kate evolve from an obsessed, tunnel-vision minded girl into the loving, compromise-capable woman that Frank had been hoping to find. A book for every romance fan who enjoys strong alpha characters in their tales. "

For the full review see the link below!


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