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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lead up to Gen Con

We’re at count down point for Gen Con. In less than 9 days I will be traveling to Wisconsin to meet up with Scott Palter then travel down to Indianapolis for the convention. I’m nervous, excited and trying to get everything in place before I go.

We’re hoping to get everything sorted in time. It’s going to be a close thing with the printers but we are going to get it done in time and I will have two books to launch at the convention.

Sam is going to be at home with the kids and I’ll try and keep in contact with him as much as I can through the cell phone and computer as my lap top is going with me. I’ve also got a new digital camera with video capabilities so should come back with some decent pictures.

So I’m getting projects wrapped up, working on my contribution for eXtasy’s Sins and Virtues line and generally crossing the t’s dotting the i’s so everything falls into place.


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