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Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Father and the Great Sean Bean Ploy.

I love my Dad, I really do, but for years now I’ve had a crush on Sean Bean. There I said it, ever since he did the Sharpe Series for Granada TV in the UK I’ve been a huge fan. Now being from England I got to see the original series the first time around long before it made it to various cable channels over here and tapes. However they have not played it over here since I moved (The swines as my Dad would say)

Think about this, Sean Bean in a Uniform of the Green Jackets from the Napoleonic War. Rogue of the first degree, playing the bastard son of a whore who is given a field commission for saving Wellington’s life (this is before Sir Arthur was made the Duke of Wellington btw). He’s a hunk, what can I say. Better than that he plays a real rogue and I’ve had a thing for rogue’s ever since I first saw Harrison Ford as Han Solo, and lets not get started about him as Indiana Jones. Oh the hat, the whip. Okay, enough of that.

Now Sean Bean is filming a new Sharpe Episode, Sharpes Tiger (I believe) set pre the Napoleonic war and I will have to wait to see it!

I do, however, have the books by Bernard Cornwall. Warning, these are not romances. My reading tastes are as varied as my writing can be at times. The Sharpe series is a must for any historical military fiction fans, they do follow the actual battles of the Napoleonic war and the military details are, as I understand it, very accurate. I’m very lucky that my Dad sends his copies on to me as they are not always easy to get hold of in the USA, though Barnes and Noble will order them for you.

So now my Dad is teasing me about ‘Well you will go and move to the colonies’ and how ‘it must be true love if a visit from Sean Bean won’t change your mind’.

My husband vs Sean Bean.

Dad you really know how to push the lines there.


Sorry Sean, you’re a hunk, a rogue, a dashing figure in that uniform, but I’m very much afraid my husband still wins out.


Blogger Jensgalore said...

Oh, my, yes. Sean Bean in that yummy uniform. Male perfection. I admitted to the husband the other night that I was a huge Sean Bean fan. Luckily he only laughed! Another Sharpe movie - I can't wait to see it!

4:20 PM  

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