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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Sam’s health is still dodgy but we’re getting help in place so I can attend Gen Con in August. We’re also trying to work it so I can focus on writing again for a few hours a day. The lack of being able to do that has left me honestly cranky.

I’ve got a dozen stories running around in my mind and I need to settle down tomorrow, focus and work in order to make sure I keep everything on track before I head out to Indiana in August.

November I should be at World Fantasy Con in Madison, Scott is also planning to attend and the event takes place in his home town which will make life a lot easier.

I did enter a short story into the Dark Romance competition, which I am looking forward to seeing who wins. The deadline I think is today for new entries but I put mine in on Friday I believe. It will be interesting to see how that works out for those who took part. Other than that I haven’t been that busy recently. I need to get something written in time for Thursday so I can go to the local writers group. However for that I tend to take something that falls into more general romance guidelines. They aren’t really fantasy fans, and I think my erotica would shake them up in the wrong way.

Tomorrow Sam goes back to Physio and if matters do not improve then his trip into the Cities at the end of the month will be cancelled.


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