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Monday, June 13, 2005

One project completed, on to the next.

With ‘Focused on Love’ now in th’e hands of the editors I can turn my attention to other things and in this case working on Fae Born’ and the World Book for Erien. With the convention season just around the corner for me and the World Book needing to be completed I have to focus on that. Fortunately in many respects the world book is a series of short stories and pieces of information.

Sam and I are working on that together, putting the information, the rules, how certain situations need to be handled into a workable format. Much of this needs to be done long before I head off to Gen Con in August.

The conventions, that’s a whole different ball game. I have two major ones in the next two months. CONvergeance in Bloomington MN and Gen Con in Indiana. Both require a lot of hard work but Gen Con is the big one for me.

Fae Born’ I can get the majority of that done before the end of the month, I have it mapped out with the first 10,000 words already written. Like ‘Focused on Love’ a lot of the extra work went missing in the great Best Buy fiasco. I swear unless it is a dire emergency I will never buy another thing from Best Buy again. They have cost me time and money. Bah.

So now I get my head shifted from erotica to fantasy and get my happy little ass back into the mind set of Lady Orent, Dragon, advisor and sharp wit in order to keep Prince Rhodan from destroying too much of the world before he becomes King. ‘Fae Born’ is already set to be at least 60,000 words perhaps more depending on how many of the new characters demand extra time during the creation stage.


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