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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Novel Spotter's Reviewed Small Lesson

I just stumbled across a review in Novelspotters for 'A Small Lesson' which I have out with eXtasy.. they gave me a 8/10!
The Review was by an editor, one that made a wonderful comment not just about the book, but also about my outlook as a writer. I am sat here grinning from ear to ear.

Yes the review mentioned some weak spots the reviewer felt there were within the manuscript, but considering the source of the review and the wonderful comments made about my writing, my outlook and the story as a whole I class this as an excellant review.

I am not perfect and 'A Small Lesson' was one of my first stories with eXtasy, with each new book, story and short piece I try to apply the lessons I have learned and look forward to each new lesson the next day will bring. Maitresse spoke of my openess to change and willingness to see the new opportunities working with an editor can bring, this was a lesson that was not easy for me to learn. Like many new authors the first time I submitted something to a group for critique I met not only negative comments, but ones that left me fuming. It took several days before I was able to submit again and in the end the same gentleman who left me so annoyed with myself and my writing became the very gentleman I am now working with on the Erien publications. Scott Palter taught me to step away from the keyboard, calm down, think, have a hot chocolate or tea before sitting back down to work with a clear head.

Thank you Maitresse of Novel Spotters for an open, honest and down to earth review of 'A Small Lesson' which is on sale now with

Terri Pray


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