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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fathers Day

There are many memories that I cherish, from home, from days as a child, but there are two men in my life who have created more memories than any others.

As a child my father taught me so many things, encouraged me with my dreams, held the back of my bike as I tried to ride for the first time without stabilizers, he went to bat for me time and again. It didn’t seem to matter who the enemy was, be it school, a bully, a path I wanted to walk. If he could help me, protect me, yet allow me the chance to at least partially fight that battle myself he did. He spent nights down in the living room, watching over me when I was hit with on chest infection after another, read to me, went hunting for cough medication from one end of the town to the other until he found the one that worked.

The books he put before me, stories he shared, it all built into something that I know I have been lucky to experience. That wonderful ability to see beyond four walls, well beyond the mundane, the joy in curling up with a good book or watching a movie and taking a turn in the road just to see what would be at the other end. He gave me a sense of adventure, encouraged it, fed it with stories, tales from my family. He taught me and helped me through a bad marriage, keeping back from taking action that I know he wanted to take because he believed in letting me live my own life. And then, finally, he was able to take a step back when a younger knight protector stepped forward.

In 1998 I met Sam. He’s helped me step where I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Held my hand when I’ve been shaking, picked me back up when I have fallen. My Sam, who can growl, look fierce and be so very protective. But I’ve seen the look in his eyes when one of our children call him Daddy. Or when they crawl into his lap to curl up against his chest. He’s already the hero to our children that my own Dad has always been to me. I know out children are blessed with the same guiding yet protective hand I was fortunate enough to experience.

Happy Fathers day to my Dad and to Sam. May all children have the good fortune that myself and my children know.


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