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Friday, June 17, 2005

Writing the World Book

It’s been a long few days. Sam and I are working on the World Book for Erien right now and it’s the first project we have worked on together of this nature. Before now he has been my cheering squad now we get the chance to do a major project together. I’m writing the fiction and information sections, he’s working on the stats, the military aspects and together we will be working out the rest of the details before handing the draft over to Scott of Final Sword Productions

Arranging a signing for whilst I am at CONvergeance didn’t quite work out, but it’s Harry Potter Season so I might have to wait until next year to do a big signing in the Twin Cities. It will take a while to build up to that level but I can try. So it takes a little longer, maybe they will let me do stock signing at the other B&N in the area. That would still work. And I know stock signings can be a really good idea.

What else has been going on. Well It looks as though Eternal Slave will be a Halloween release with eXtasy *fingers crossed*. Obviously that depends on how it fits in with the other releases and the work load of the editors. If everything goes well I will be contacting a friend of mine to help with a very special launch prize for the book. It will be the first time I have put together a launch prize. Though I am also planning one for Pride of the Tavern as that is set at Formby Point in the UK. An area I know very well and will be able to get my Mum to send some items actually from the area to use as prizes.

Thursday was the authors chat at It went really well and was wonderful to see so many turn out to support the Australian authors of eXtasy.

Well back into the salt mines I go, or rather the work with my husband. We also now have a chatters list for those interested. is the link and I will be posting snippets of work there at least once a week.

Whilst I am at Convergeance, Scott will be at Origins play testing the Erien Game which I do half wish I could be there but I can’t split myself in two. August is the big one for me though, Gen Con, nervous about that but it will be a lot of fun or so I really believe.


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