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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bombs in London

Today I was reminded what it meant to be English.

It’s July 7th 2005 and today in the city of London terrorists struck, bringing a proud city to a standstill. Those self same people behind the attacks on 9/11 that remain forever in our memories struck my home soil, the country I was born and raised in. Though the attack was smaller, caused less loss of life and may be something we re-cover from more rapidly than the USA did, it still has left the country reeling. Four bombs, three on the underground, one on a double decker bus of all things. 37 dead as I write this, over 700 injured, men, women, perhaps children injured, limbs torn, lives ruined in the name of a religious war that I seriously most Muslims in the UK want nothing to do with.

My family still live in the UK, I have my parents, grandmother, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends I grew up with scattered mainly through the north west coast of England. Though they live 200 miles away from the blasts my thoughts still went to them, wondering if they were alright, if security had been increased, if their daily lives would be affected. The same happened with 9/11 here, they were frantic trying to get hold of me though I lived a thousand miles away from the nearest strike zone. We worry about each other, it’s part of being a family.

They are fine, by the way. My Dad spent the day in Liverpool due to work where he said the attitude there is a ‘try it here we dare you’. That hasn’t stopped there being extra security all over the place, nor police on every corner.

Let me give the people behind this attack a little hint.

The English are a heavily celtic breed, we’re stubborn sods and we don’t back down or slink away in fear easily. Better than you have tried to knock us down. Terrorists who knew our sense of home, strength and determination have tried and failed. So what makes you think you can succeed where they did not. What makes you think four small bombs are going to send a people cowering in fear when years of bombs from world war two only banded us more tightly together. Are you really so arrogant to believe you’re actions will do anything more than fortify the resolve of a nation?

I may no longer live in England but I can tell you now, of the people I know the majority will shrug, make a few jokes, mourn, then come back a hundred times stronger than they were before.

To those in England who lived through this day, remember… don’t let the blighters get you down because only by doing that, only by defeating the spirit that has thrived in England through the years can they ever hope to win.


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