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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Big Announcement

I’ve been busting to announce the news since Saturday but now I can. Chippewa Publishing accepted a short SF/Dark romance story called Family Heirloom from me. Now why didn’t I send it to extasy? It’s certainly not because I don’t believe in the company, I do. However this story doesn’t fit within their guidelines either on length or really on content. There are occasions I write something that is neither long enough, fits into the genres published or simply would do better elsewhere. That is why Family Heirloom was sent to Chippewa.

Just as I send short pieces to webzines, ranging from horror to fantasy, erotica to romance.

Currently I have five stories waiting on publication with eXtasy with plans to submit more. My faith in the company hasn’t wavered, but if I submit everything I get the chance to write to them I’ll end up with a back list of stories waiting to be published of two years or more worth before the end of the year. It’s my own fault for writing too much and not any fault of eXtasy’s.

I’m waiting to hear back on one story with eXtasy that is in the submission pile, along with several stories I have submitted to other websites/zines. A couple of horror pieces, a few short erotica pieces, and I have ones backed up that I haven’t submitted anywhere as they are too short, or just don’t fit in anywhere right now.

I tend to write shorter pieces when the heat hits the way it has done over the last few days, or poetry which I have done a fair amount of recently as well. Not sure what I will do with the poetry but it is interesting to write on occasions. Keeps me focused, or lets me work out a few things in my mind. Also gives me something to share on my list. I do want to write a short story for the list to send out for the weekend. Something that is for them alone. It’s a way of thanking those who have joined it, giving them a little exclusive something.

So there it is, there’s the big announcement. Terri Pray has joined the ranks of the Chippewa authors…


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