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Sunday, July 31, 2005

One of those days

What a lovely start to the morning, my daughter is full of it, throwing things, slamming doors hitting anyone and everything. She’s on her third time out of the morning and it’s not looking like it is going to improve any time soon. There are days I really struggle trying to write and be a parent at the same time.

I love my daughter, and my son, it’s just that on occasions I am not a very good parent, I can’t give them everything they way, I can’t stop work every single time in order to play and with the length of the school holidays it is really beginning to show in how Sarah reacts. Only about 6 more weeks though and she will be at her new school all day long. Which will make life a lot easier, though I am sure we will start o see the same behavior in some respects with Jack. We already do. He’s as active as she is.

To say we have some long months ahead of us would be an understatement. She’s eating when she is bored, which right now is a lot of the time. She drifts from thing to thing, never quite sure what she wants to do unless it’s hurt her brother. I wish she would calm down. Her lying is starting to get to me. She’ll do something, I’ve watched her do it, then blame her brother, dad, me anyone else, then kick or scream when pulled up on it. We struggle to keep calm about this, but I admit I am looking forward to Gen Con as a break from the kids.

However I am trying to find a little focus, those quiet moments when it will be easier for me to write without exploding at Sarah, which can be very tempting at times. Especially when she looks at me, smiling as she slams the living room door hard enough to rattle the frame and lies immediately afterwards about having done it.

No acceptances this week, but I did well for the month of July as a whole. Four in one month is pretty good, and signing up to write a book for the new series eXtasy is putting out, which I suppose actually brings it up to five not four.

I’ve got some poetry written, done a little work on Erien, written some erotica, but right now my brain is fried. It will pass as soon as I can focus. By tomorrow I will be back on track, even if I do have to sit down with the note book and draft out a few ideas to get my brain back in gear. Hate it when this happens, but writers block happens to all of us at some point, or so I believe. Just need to write past it, which I have done before.

Well Jack is in bed and I have only Sarah now who is trying to glue herself to the tv despite me turning it off a dozen times and telling her outright to back it up. There are days I just want to scream and today is one of those days.


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