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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Nerves and Chewed Nails

Another day closer to the trip and the nerves are setting in. Sam has been working over time in getting things ready at his end. I really couldn’t do this without him, he’s been learning to lay out books, set out covers, and lots of fun technical things like that. At least I think he’s having fun, it would explain some of those oh so colorful words he uses, I keep having to check what they mean, my poor innocent ears!

We made it in time to get the covers printed, thanks to Scott and Ken working overtime at their end as well as Sam’s work. Team effort, though my nails are very upset with me, they’ve been bitten in places so I need to tidy those poor abused creatures up. I’m not big on manicures or facials, but I think a little time spent pampering myself before heading out would be a good idea. A little effort to calm, clear my head and just refocus.

I keep having this mental image of Lady Orent, my dragon, appearing at Gen Con and looking around for a quick snack. It’s the sort of thing she would do…

I’m getting the chance to meet up with a long time friend of mine from the net, Asaria. She’s someone I’ve known for years on and off but this will be the first time we’ve met in person and if all goes well we’ll do that Sunday evening after the con.

Oh, I was able to sit in on an authors day over on ebooklove for a short while. Bryn Colvin is a fellow author with Magic Carpet Books, eXtasybook and Chippewa. I don’t often get the chance to sit in on elists for authors days of late but Bryn is a lot of fun and being from the UK I did try and stop by a few times. Her writing is excellent, so if you’ve got the chance take a look see. Her print novel, The Shifting Heart, is currently on sale at Barnes and Noble.


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