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Monday, August 15, 2005

Hi ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Gen Con I go

In less than an hour I am heading through the front door and off to the grey hound pick up. I’ll be there early, but that’s needed right now. Not sure if I can keep my nerves in check even that long in all honesty. I’m nervous, I have this horrible knot in my stomach, but it’s something I know will pass not long after I get on the bus.

I’m getting to meet a friend from Writing Women, an email list I belong to over on yahoo groups, during my lay over in the Twin Cities. Then whilst I am in Indianapolis I’ll get the chance to see Asaria from Chateau Whisper if all goes according to plan.

Yes I’m nervous, I’m bound to be with everything that will be happening down there. I’m still hoping I will get the chance to update my blogger when I’m away, but if not I will have a huge amount of posts saved on doc to add to the blogger as soon as I get access.

Gen Con here I come!


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