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Saturday, August 13, 2005


The nerves are setting in, it’s like a bad case of stage fright, but I went through this just before I went to Valley Con last year. Once I got in the car with Scott and Ken I was fine. It will be the same this time around. I’m sure once I start talking with them both in person again I will be a lot calmer and then the confident side of me will come out in full force. After all, it can’t be that hard to face, can it?

I should try and get some writing done as well, the Erien Site needs some updating in the next day before I head out, so that is a must. Also need to dig out the reviews, print them out, get that book updated. I have my music now which helps a great deal it gives me a way to calm down and focus some.

This is something I have spent the last year building up to in one way or another and it’s finally here. I’m finally getting it done.

Just a few more days and I will be heading out.

Okay, what else do I need to do? Tomorrow I get the bag out and start packing it. Get the house straight, make sure Sam has time to mow the lawn and figure out if I have forgotten anything. That way on Monday I can spend most of my time with Sam and the kids. I wonder, should we go for a meal before I head out? A family meal? It might be a good idea to do that. Just something we can all enjoy? Have to run that past Sam. Though he might not want to do that now, he might want to come up and say goodbye at the bus station though. I don’t know. He will need to run that past his Mom. She might be willing to come up early to take me to the station and help keep the kids distracted. Have to ask Sam tonight if he wants to ask his Mom about that.

She might want to come along and wish me luck anyway.

Something to check into.

Damn nerves.

Time for a little Meredith Brooks. Oh that song ‘I’m a Bitch’ Seems so fitting right now, heh. No comment Sam about ‘Goddess on my knees’ please…


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