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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Survived Gen Con!

Well we did it, I survived Gen Con and it was a blast.

There weren’t as many people as there have been in other years or so I was told, but with the cost of gas right now I am not that surprised. However for me it went well. I sold a good amount of books, saw the Honor Harrington game sell out twice over and picked up a few interesting contacts.

Under the Moon is set to launch early next year with six books next year all being well.

I didn’t do the autograph line, though some on DFC will be a little upset because Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica was amongst the guests of honor this year. Ah well, it would have taken time away from the booth and I wasn’t really into doing that. Not this time around at least.

I feel like I learned a lot from attending the convention, though now I am coming down from the signing and selling high I do have the tired shakes. That’s normal as I understand it, it’s like coming down from an adrenaline rush. A good nights sleep should help me with that.

The costumes, damn those were interesting and I have several good shots that will be going up on the rogues gallery when I get home. Sam is sorting out a template there so it will be easier for people to click through the pictures I took. The best one has to be the Storm Trooper with a dragon on his shoulder holding a copy of Dragon Prince. I kid you not, that is one of the shots. I’ll be taking pictures at every convention now we have this neat new camera, the galleries from those conventions should be a wonderful reminder of the con and a great sneak peak for those who could not attend themselves. At least that is the idea.

Oh for a few days whilst I was away Whispered Secrets and Sweet Deceptions both shot up the lists at Barnes and Noble…. And now one of my books is on ebay! Strange how official that makes me feel. I have to wonder if any of the signed copies from this weekend will wind up there sooner or later.

Well I will be traveling back to Wisconsin early tomorrow morning, then back to Minnesota and the long suffering Sam on Tuesday which means unless Sam does an update on the blogger there won’t be any entries for a few days.

Oh, we’ll be running a competition on my email list for signed copies of the new Dragon Prince version, and for Not So Noble Tales. Watch out for details there.


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