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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Whispered Secrets climbing the sales ranks

The sales numbers for Whispered Secrets, one of the three books I have out with Magic Carpet, are rising. I have to wonder if it’s a knock on effect from Gen Con, or if these sales have come in from reviews or word of mouth. Only time will tell there.

It’s been a long night for some reason with me, so I’ll make this entry a short one. Tomorrow I go back on my writing plan. We’ve got Sam and by default, the rest of the household on a new eating plan to deal with some issues his blood work showed up. He has high cholesterol problems that should be fixable through diet, so we are trying the change in eating plans first.

Sam is also redoing the layouts for Dragon Prince and Not So Noble Tales, which then mean they can go up on Amazon. Just a few minor details that needed smoothing out but he is having a lot of fun getting those details sorted.

Well it’s late and time I crashed for the night I believe. Tomorrow is another day indeed.

Oh, it looks like I will be in Kansas City in November for Shauncon, details to follow once confirmed.


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