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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thoughts about Katrina

So many have lost their lives and homes after the events of Katrina. Though we were fortunate and live in a state where we were kept safe from the destructive force, many of our friends have not been so lucky.

One mod on my chat site has lost her home, or is 99% certain she has.

An author I know might have her house under water.

Friends and colleagues have lost family members, friends, place of work, their lives turned upside down by Katrina. And all I can do is light a candle and hope, perhaps find a few dollars to pass on to a fund raiser. I can’t go down there, I lack the money and ability to travel. I’d add to the chaos. I don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars spare to send as relief aid, so I am sat here wondering what I can do to help.

I am going to go through the old clothes I have from the kids and see if any of them are workable for sending down there. Ones that are not well past it. They’d only be passed onto the red cross or thrift store anyway, so perhaps that will help. Even if I can only pass one can of food to a food drive, that would help, and $1 to a money fund.

Think about it.

If we all did that, just $1 and one can of food think of the help we could offer?


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