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Monday, August 29, 2005

Quick Update

Well Meg’s joined the ranks as an editor for the Under the Moon line which will make life a lot easier for me. She’s someone who enjoys my writing but is quiet happy to go ‘Terri did you really mean this’? Or ‘Terri this would work a little better’. Okay, she’s also quite prepared to bop me upside the head if needed.

Sam’s busy reformatting his HD, he got hit by a nasty little virus that replicated through the system. Fortunately we back up on a regular basis so no real harm done.

Monday brings us closer to Sarah starting school. Can you tell that I am already counting the hours? Not that I don’t love my daughter, I do very much so, but she’s bright, into everything and doesn’t take no for an answer. Erm no idea where she gets that from… alright maybe I do. I’m as bad as she is, for the most part at least. I didn’t get into it quite as badly as she does, my Mum was able to sit down and get me to listen. Sarah just looks at me, smiles and goes merrily on her way. School helps that. She loves school, or did when she went to Head Start which is a wonderfully run program in our part of Minnesota. She’s been asking to go to school again since two days after Head Start finished so you can see what one of the constant questions over the summer break has been.

However in just a few short days she does her first day at Kindergarten, which will be a joy for all of us. If we can only last out those remaining days…


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