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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Reading Material

Ever wanted to throw a book against the wall? Well I did, for the past three days I have been forcing myself to read a historical romance set in the usa around the mid 1850’s. Talk about a poor novel, yet there it was having been put out by NY house and I’m sat here wondering why.

The story had more plot holes, repeats of phrases and groan elements in it than I had ever expected.

Now perhaps it’s because the book was from the early 90’s? I’m not sure, but as it is with all the time on my hands as I am still supposed to be resting I am spending the time reading my way through the stack of second hand romance novels I have picked up in the last few months. I just hope the next one isn’t as bad as this one.

And…. Just when I thought I could rest I had to go and boot the stalker again from the chat site. That woman just doesn’t get it that she is not welcome on the site. She is not welcome at all. I have told her on email, I have told her ISP, and she still insists on ignoring the signs that she is not welcome.


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