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Monday, September 26, 2005

Upcoming releases and news about Fae Born

For a year now those who loved the Dragon Prince have been waiting for Fae Born, well here’s the news. All being well Fae Born will be released in time for Christmas. The fault on the delay has been mine, between the evil Best Buy wiping my hard drive (yes I back things up on disc now) and my brain refusing to let me write the rest of it Fae Born was delayed. However we have a wonderful cover by artist Meredith Dillman, the same artist who did the new cover for the Dragon Prince re-release.

I’ve been working like mad all week on Fae Born and can now happily say it will be done on time and I have every belief that those who loved Dragon Prince will also enjoy Fae Born.

For those that love Orent there is good news, Orent is getting her own book next year. Well let’s be honest, she deserves her own book, she has shared the lime light for two books and now wants to step out on her own.

What other books do I have coming up soon?

Well Family Heirloom is due to be released in October from Chippewa.

Eternal Slave also goes on sale, this time from eXtasy Books in October, hopefully for the Halloween release.

I’m heading off to Wisconsin for a convention next week, along with Scott Palter of Final Sword Productions. This is a trade convention for the gaming stores and will be my first time at such an event. Now I’m looking forward to it for several reasons. Every time I meet up with Scott I find myself learning more, plus the convention will be a new experience for me which is always a bonus.

I don’t think I will have much, if any, internet access during my time away this time, but that should only be for 4 days. I’ll be back online on Sunday 2nd of October. So it all works out well.

There are a lot of conventions coming up over the next twelve months and in all honesty I am looking forward to all of them.

Sleep safe

Terri Pray


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