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Friday, May 26, 2006


Every publishing house goes through them and eXtasy is no different there. Regardless of my personal feelings of the situation which I will not make public because no matter what they are they will hurt someone, I do wish the company all the best.

I’ve not pulled the books that are currently on sale there, nor two of the books I had in the cue. I have, however, for reasons of my own, pulled several others that I no longer believe fit eXtasy’s lines. Including a historical sweet romance that I now realize would not sell well at eXtasy due to the lack of erotic content. Some of the stories were old ones that I also wish to re-work into longer pieces and my writing has changed dramatically in the 18 months since these pieces were written.

As most will now also know Stefani has left/been fired from eXtasy books. Now as an author I have no say in the hiring and firing of editors with eXtasy books. I will however state that my working relationship with Stefani has always been a damn good one and it is a shame things came to pass as they did.

Rumors abound as to the events that happened at the Romance Times convention, but on that I will say that I wasn’t there so will never know the full story behind the situation. Only those involved will ever know the full truth of the events that occurred during the convention.

At this time Eternal Priestess is still due to go on sale soon and Play for Me remains with eXtasy as part of the Tarot line when it eventually comes out. Eternal Slave, Ettore’s Women, A Small Lesson, Green Dreams, Ruby Kisses and A Touch of Magic all remain on sale at eXtasy Books.

Morgan Hawke has also made it clear that as Stefani was her editor of choice she will also no longer be submitting work to eXtasy Books and will follow where Stefani eventually goes. Several other authors have pulled all of their books from the company and there have been many who have made it clear they will not be buying books from eXtasy again. As Stefani was the editor I worked with on all my books except for A Touch of Magic. As a Touch of Magic was part of the Sins and Virtues line that was edited by Tina and I can say that in dealing with both women as an editor for my stories those transactions have been smooth and with open lines of communication at all times.

For the next few weeks my time for writing and promoting may well be very limited as my parents are here from England and I am trying to enjoy that time with them. The upset with eXtasy and the continuing fall out is something I hope I can close the door on during this vacation as this is the first time I will have been able to spend time with them in five years.

So with that I must be off and finish the packing as we head out first thing in the morning.

Terri Pray


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