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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eternal Priestess

It has been years since Lord Traven turned Alayna into one of his kind, a dark creature worshipped by those around them as a god. Long enough that she had almost forgotten what it was like to serve him.
To the mortals near the temple she is the Priestess, one who speaks to the Gods on their behalf, a woman to be feared and worshipped, yet to Traven she will always be his slave. The delicious piece of property that belongs at his feet and in his arms.
And he will make sure she never forgets that.
“You truly believe you could have been happy as nothing more than a brood mare for some grasping, sweaty man who took what he wanted, only to then roll over and start snoring? Ah, Alayna, you have deluded yourself completely if that is the case. I recall your pride, your desire to travel and not be held back by your family. Especially your mother.”
“My mother. I had almost forgotten about her.” Strange how it easy she had pushed the memories of that fanatical creature from her mind. The spanking just before the presentation, odd how she recalled the small things. Had that been a test arranged by Traven? “She died, didn’t she?”
“Yes, many years ago now, but in a manner that she enjoyed. Her blood fed me one night. She offered her throat to me freely and I, being the benevolent creature I am, granted her wish.” His soft tone and violet gaze mocked her. “You’ve done the same with others, like Jason. He begged you for the chance to serve you and you granted that wish.”
“I’m not like that, not some heartless creature that…”
“Are you so sure?”
“Yes, I don’t commit the types of cruel acts I have seen you enjoy. I’m not a monster!”
“You mean one that hunts, kills for pleasure and food alike? Oh, my dear child, that is exactly what you are. Pity you lack the ability to accept that. However, it goes to prove my belief that you would be far better off at my feet.” He gestured towards his boots. “Crawl, my pet, and show me how much you have missed me.”
“No.” The word gained life before she could prevent it.
“Hm, and what happens to a slave who disobeys?”
“I’m not a…”
“I asked a question. You’ve overseen the temple servants and slaves for some time now, you know the answer. What happens to a slave who disobeys their owner?” Thick lashes brushed against the pale upper curves of Traven’s cheeks, leaving his half lidded gaze fixed on her kneeling form.Looking into the eyes of a snake would have been more comforting.
“They are punished.”
“Yes, they are indeed, and what happens when a slave is not punished?”
She shifted a little on her knees, hesitating a moment as she tried to find a way to form her answer without making things worse for herself. “They believe that the rules no longer apply and will seek to break them further. Pushing more with each chance they get.”
“Indeed.” He pointed to his boots. “Last chance, little slut, crawl to my boots and show me how you have missed me.”
Would doing so prevent him from punishing her? Perhaps it would, and in doing so grant her a little longer to try and find a way to break free of the situation. Something to distract him? The arrival of the others, if they even existed, she didn’t put it past him to be lying.
She glanced up at him, then back to his boots, swallowing hard as a cold sweat formed across her body, clinging to her breasts and taut stomach. Slowly she lowered down to her hands and knees, nails catching on the rugs. Soft strands of hair brushed over her shoulders, her breasts tugging towards the floor, nipples hard as she crawled slowly across the floor towards his boots.
“You’re out of practice, slut. You used to be far more sensual than this.” He growled. “You can do better.”

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