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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Long Over Due Update

Well it finally happened. After several long talks and legal advice taken I requested release from my eXtasy contracts. On September 30th that release came into effect and the books I had with eXtasy reverted back to me. I wish the company well. Apart from the fact that the release was granted at my request I feel it best to say nothing more about the situation at this time.

Now, on to other things.

Scars has been released from Loose-ID and is doing very well indeed. The reviews have been interesting and mixed, but for the most part good. I was expecting the mixed reception because of the some the more volatile subjects Scar’s deals with. However I am trying to write something new for Loose-ID and hope it will pass muster.

Mojocastle has proven to be a new home for some of my work, including three previously released eXtasy works. They’ve been re-written to some extent and should be out in the near future, all being well.

Under the Moon is growing nicely, with some wonderful new authors and I am delighted to announce that issue one, Bad Boys, will be released in time for Christmas. I’ve been able to work with some truly amazing artists and look forward to doing so again as the months progress.

And I’m off to Valleycon in Fargo, ND tomorrow, or rather later today. I’ve got a long trip ahead of me, with Sam and John, plus the kids and I’ll be doing that on little or not sleep. Why? Because my daughter has a nasty cold and has spent half the night coughing. So I’m down stairs with her keeping her warm and settled. *Don’t we just love Mummy duties?*
So have a good one, and I’ll try to report in about the convention. Looks like I’m on a panel on Saturday so it will be a lot of fun, plus we have a booth in the dealers room. The kids will be at their grandparents so we won’t have to also deal with them running around the convention


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