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Friday, November 24, 2006


Now I grew up watching The Magic Roundabout, and now I’m sat watching the Doogal Movie that they did last year I think. Now although my kids loved this movie I have to wonder did they ever actually watch the old series?

It was full of double meanings, the original series I mean, aimed at adults, in the guise of something for kids. To the point that more than one British comedian made fun of it. I kept waiting for the things like ‘Bong’ said Zeebedee, as he didn’t say much else apart from ‘Time for Bed’ at the end of the show. And Dillon was a spaced out rabbit, he was a complete hippy who was obviously as a high as a kite when I grew up.



Yes Humbug I say.

I still remember, vaguely, my Dad telling me about adults putting on the Television to warm up before the news, though it didn’t really need that long, and of course that coincided with the playing of Magic Roundabout which was always on just before the six pm news on BBC One.

Now for those too young to recall about 30 plus years ago you did actually have to warm up the television set by switching it on for a short time before you could watch anything on it. And I’m probably the last generation that will recall such a detail.

Ah well, I will grin and bear it, and try not to recall just how spaced out The Magic Roundabout actually was – without muttering sacrilege too loudly…


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