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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hunters Moon

Hunters Moon by Lori Handeland
St Martins Paperbacks
ISBN 0-312-94940-5

I’ve read one other book by this author before and it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t grab me the way some do, but it wasn’t throw the book against the wall status either. But this time I’m 160 pages into the book when the author makes a classic mistake, she forgets how she’s had her character behave.

Let me explain, she’s made a big deal earlier on the book about not caring if someone sees her naked. She has no sex drive, no interest in men, not going to happen their a liability. Fair enough, I already know that part is going to change that she’s going to end up tumbling a guy she met in the first few chapters, so that isn’t the problem.

No, my issue is the nakedness. Suddenly on page 141 just after she’s had sex with her interest we get a reaction due to a scar being spotted on her body, a pretty MAJOR one, that the other who saw her nude would have stared at and fought not to, but that’s still not the jarring problem. No, this line is. “I hadn’t let anyone see me naked since it happened.”

Yes she had, she didn’t care and had an I don’t care, stuff it if you don’t like it attitude according to an earlier chapter.

Now I’m an ebook author primarily and if I pulled something like that in a book the reviewers, readers and my editors would be all over me. Yet there it is a HUGE change in personal storyline and I, the reader, is left wondering WTF.

I won’t be buying any more by this author. I’m not even able to finish the book, I can’t get past this glaring error in how she’s handling her POV character. It’s too violent a shift in engrained storyline and attitude.


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